Nutri Care Restructuring Conditioner
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Nutri Care Restructuring Conditioner 滋养重组护发素
Feature 产品特点:

Restructuring Conditioner for dry and frizzy Hair. The deep hydrating and nourishing action of its Linseed Oil leaves hair silky soft and easy to comb.

Usage 使用方法: 

After shampooing apply evenly to lengths and tips, and leave on for a few minutes. Rinse off. Use as a leave in conditioner by applying less product. Its milk fragrance may alter the colour of the product.
洗发后均匀涂抹于头发根部到发尾,并停留数分钟,再用清水冲洗干净. 建议可当作免洗型护发素,少量涂抹此产品即可.

Size 容量: 350 ml / 1000 ml

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